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Dr. Bisa

Our Founder and Managing Partner

Meet Dr. Bisa, the heart and mind behind B TAMU Beauty. Born Bisa Tamu Batten and recognized professionally as "Dr. Bisa", she is a beacon of expertise in early learning and adult education, a best selling author, distinguished public speaker, philanthropist, and a successful serial entrepreneur. With a rich educational background, including Doctorate and Master’s degrees, and a diverse career spanning from early childhood education to university administration, Dr. Bisa is a well-rounded visionary.

At B TAMU, Dr. Bisa infuses her deep understanding of education, nurturing, and empowerment into every product. The brand reflects her integrity, experience, and dedication to inclusivity and quality. As a mother of two and a global speaker, her life's work resonates with the mission of B TAMU — to elevate every individual's natural beauty, aligning with their inner power while remaining culturally sensitive. With B TAMU, Dr. Bisa invites you to experience beauty products that embody trust, quality, and a journey of self-discovery.

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Our Story

In her school-age years, Dr. Bisa transformed what others perceived as a flaw into her signature beauty trait. Embracing her full lips with grace and confidence before it became the trend, she found joy in lipwear, experimenting with a variety of colors and textures to express her unique self. This path led to the creation of B TAMU, where every product embodies a journey of self-empowerment and enjoyment. From her own experience with self-acceptance to her dedication to uplifting others, Dr. Bisa's journey is at the heart of our brand. B TAMU is her vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not conformity.


B TAMU stems from Dr. Bisa's birth name, Bisa Tamu, which means "Prosperity in the Future". Her father carefully and intentionally chose her name, believing the meaning of a child’s name is connected to life's path and manifestation.



We are committed to providing high-quality, inclusive, ethically sourced, and locally made products. Our mission is to elevate your vibration by enhancing your natural beauty, making you feel good inside and out.


Join our community of vibrant, empowered individuals who believe in the influence of authenticity. With B TAMU, be part of a beauty experience that celebrates you for who you are.

Pamper Day


Elevating Beauty with Integrity and Cultural Sensitivity

B TAMU embodies values that cater to the soul as much as to the skin. Our commitment to Trust, Integrity, Inclusivity, Quality, and Cultural Sensitivity is unwavering.

We understand the power of beauty in Self-Discovery and Inner-Power. As a Family-Owned & Operated, US-based company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Each product is a testament to our journey of enhancing natural beauty while fostering a sense of community and respect for diverse cultures. Our approach is not just about looking good but feeling empowered and connected.

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